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To ensure full protection for all boarders at Pawtails Rural Retreat, each pet must be fully vaccinated. Verification that vaccinations have been completed is required and we ask you to present the last two concurrent certificates, before or at the time of booking in..

All annual vaccinations must be completed at least seven days prior to commencement of boarding.


Your dog must have received the C5 course of vaccination which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para influenza and Bordatella. You will be required to present your current vaccination certificate on admission to our kennels.

Please also note that all dogs 6 months of age and over are also required to be desexed as we do not accept entire animals.


Your cat must have the F3 course that covers Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis.

All cats over six months must be desexed.

Should you have any queries please discuss with your veterinarian.


TAFE Certified in Companion Animal Services

Medication required once or twice daily will incur a fee of cost an addition $1.50 per day.

More frequent medication will be $2.00 per day.